Susurro | Susurro |

by Gabriel González Acosta

Mexico, 2024, 13 min

Cast | Erin Grant & Simone Bucio
Director, Writer | Gabriel González Acosta
Producer | René Hope & Camila Ibarra
DP | Mika Altskan
Editor | Rodrigo Ríos Legaspi & Gabriel González Acosta
Prod & Costume Design | Úrsula Schneider
Sound & Music | Carlos Edelmiro
Atmos Mix | Carlos Cortés Navarrete, CAS

“Susurro” is a sonic narrative film that follows the journey of two women, who climb to the top of a desolate mountain searching for the whisper of the universe. The film explores themes of spirituality, transcendence, mysticism, and communion using minimalism as a narrative device to create potent ethereal worlds that summon the power of the physical realm into an aural exchange with the spiritual dimension.