Sjhlrùl | Sjhlrùl |

by Anna Mancuso

Belgium, 2024, 7 min

Dialogue | Pigeons

Aurélien Cornut-Gentille
Antoine De Winter
Lissa Gasparotto
Sandra Gasparotto
Marine Gustin
François Kayser
Florian Pugnaire
David Raffini
Paulina Raffini
Emil Schiegnitz
Félicien Umbreit Lorentz
Leah Williamson
Lelia Woliner
Sjhlrùl is a film where the viewer is immersed in the world of pigeons. A world that is both very real and completely imaginary : the pigeons interact with each other, comment on what they see, complain or ask questions ...
Although the voice we hear is human, the dialogue was written by the pigeons themselves, pecking bread on a computer keyboard ...