modèle animale |

by Maud Faivre & Marceau Boré

France, 2024, 50 min

DOP | Maud Faivre
Sound | Marceau Boré
Editing | Damien Monnier
Sound editing | Brice Kartmann
Mix | Brice Kartmann
Colour grading | Antoine Polin
Original soundtrack | Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy

Production | L'image d'après, Maud MARTIN, Lysa HEURTIER MANZANRES

The Drosophila fly is a perfect model for life in the laboratory, mass-produced to mass-produce knowledge. It lives, dies and loves in the cylinder of a plastic tube. 

In a larger box, in a research centre for animal behaviour, humans conduct astonishing experiments with these insects.

Witnessing these experiments, our perception of these familiar animals is gradually transformed.