Domestic Balances |

by Federica Sala

Italy, 2022, 7 min

Federica Sala is a kinetic sculptor and an Italian architect. She graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2006 and has been residing in Barcelona since 2008. In Barcelona, she founded Geometrie da Compagnia, a multidisciplinary studio at the intersection of artistic and architectural disciplines.
Over the years, she has focused her research on the interaction between movement, balance, and space, seeking tension and harmony in her works.
Her creations have been exhibited, projected, or installed in various festivals, museums, and public spaces, including the Asolo Art Film Festival in Italy, Switch Art Project in Ireland, IPFF Festival in Bulgaria, Parque Tineretului in Romania, Chateau de Courbanton in France, and CCCB and DHUB in Spain.
“Domestic Balances” is a game of precision and patience, a form of meditation. The goal is to build dynamic balance systems with ordinary objects: the result is a collection of ephemeral kinetic sculptures with hypnotic movements. The objects, extracted from their context and stripped of any utility, become dancing shapes and colors that recall a familiar landscape, but at the same time suggest a new, delicate, and intimate one. “Domestic Balances” is a metaphorical exercise about the search for inner balance and tells the urgency of a poetic perspective on everyday life.