Experimental Media | Be it the experimental use of analogue material, specific digital production processes or generative image processes or screenings with live elements, in combination with performance or in specific installation contexts - the Experimental Media award category sheds light on the exceptional interplay of media solutions and artistic concepts.

Image | Image production is at the core of all filmmaking. The Image category underlines the cinematic aspects of the festival. Here films shine through their overall visual impression, through characteristic imagery, through specific forms of image production, through visually immersive presentation concepts, through the afterimage that remains on the viewer's retina, fascinating or disturbing.

Sound | Composition, sound design, media hybrids in which the sound layer plays an extraordinary role - the Sound category honors the interaction of eye and ear in the reception of moving images.

Narration | Some moving image experiments may have a procedural or abstract character, but in the narrative category the focus lies on films with experimental forms of narration. Here as well, works can be presented either specific to the screen or independent of it.
+ Experimental Media
+ Image
+ Sound
+ Narration