Always, Already |

by Ken Sackheim

USA, 2023, 28 min

Director, Writer | Ken Sackheim
Producer, Writer | Scott Bankert
Producer | Dalton Helms
Cinematography | Joaquin Baca-Asay, Ki S. Hwang

Cara Buono
John Schoenthaler
Bart Freundlich
Always, Already, starring Cara Buono (Stranger Things, Mad Men), John Schoenthaler, and featuring philosopher Friedrich Ulfers, is a hybrid film consisting of narrative, documentary, and animation elements that explores the theme of the illusory nature of identity in a universe defined by perpetual flux. Through its innovative blend of storytelling techniques, the film delves into how individuals perceive the world through the lens of fixed identities, only to confront the profound truth that everything is in a constant state of process. Ultimately, "Always, Already" challenges viewers to reconsider their notions of self and existence, daring them to embrace the bold realization that there is no you, only process, and everything is always, already in flux.

Shot almost entirely on 16mm film, it seamlessly blends narrative, documentary, and animation elements. "Always, Already" creates a truly unique cinematic experience that blurs the lines between fiction and reality, jumping through time to explore the intricate and ever-changing nature of identity.