A thousand hands, a thousand eyes |

by So Jung Moon

Republic of Korea, 2023, 7 min

Directed, animated, and written | So Jung Moon
Sound and music | Gilles Bawulak
Dubbing | Gilles Bawulak, Bastien Fourmy, Maxime Fourmy
In black water. People's arms twirl in the swirling waves. They draw spirals, pushing and sometimes pulling at each other until their connection is broken. The black water becomes rain and grows a restaurant. Where people with bellies like mountains and necks like needles groan with hunger. As soon as they pass the food down their throats, they feel a burning pain and are unable to swallow it.

Rumor has it that only a being with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes can satisfy their hunger, so everyone gathers at La Ruda restaurant to wait for one. No one has seen the figure, but the answer to the riddle "The shadow of the hand for the hand, the shadow of the eyes for the eyes. Visibly hidden and invisibly present.” hints at the descent of the mysterious being... 

Can they solve the riddle and finally satisfy their hunger?